We help underdog leaders win in life and at work

Who we are

JWJ Enterprises LLC is a leadership development, consulting and coaching firm. We equip under-resourced and high potential leaders with tools to build lives and organizations that transform the world by maximizing their God given potential. JWJ Enterprises was founded by a team of pastors and business leaders who decided that they could have more impact together than they could a part. Our story is made up of underdogs that most people ignored, never believed in, couldn’t understand, and never should have made it. However through coaching, collaboration and divine intervention our team with over 20 years of experience has seen success in business, ministry, leadership and personal life. If we can do it, you can do it.

We dream about life and leadership solutions for people who could never afford it. Our clients include small to medium size businesses, universities, churches and high performing leaders. Most of our clients have big dreams, pressing burdens but limited resources. Like most of our clients our team is made up of people who are frustrated with highly expensive, boring and irrelevant content for leaders or emerging leaders.  Because of our diverse team, experiences and networks we are able to provide simple, affordable, engaging solutions to real world problems. Our story is your story. God has given you an amazing dream for your life, team and organization. Our job is help maximize your potential to transform the world.

James Wilson

James Wilson Jr. serves as the Pastor of Family Ministries for Freedom Life Church. He has a Bachelor of Arts in Strategic and Organizational Leadership from Temple University and is currently finishing a Masters of Organizational Leadership from Concordia University. For the past 10 years, James has been a sought-after speaker for churches, organizations, and leaders about youth, marriages, and leadership development. Besides loving to study and teach, his passion is to find ways to blend the spiritual with the practical. James and wife, Ashley, have three daughters Karis, Kelsey, and Kyla.

Tim McCain

Tim McCain, former homeless teen, ex convict, and CEO of a Software company. Tim spent 5 years on the streets, 7 years and 8 months in prison, and 20 years as CEO of a software firm. After he sold his company, Tim became an ordained minister at Freedom Life Church in Hampton, VA. Tim is a husband of 20 years and a father to 3.

Freddy Villarreal

In October of 2004, I had the privilege of joining along side 26 other people to start Freedom Life and have been here ever since. My energy is primarily spent focusing on the vision of our church, coordinating our preaching team and supporting our Kingdom initiatives. Our Kingdom partnerships include organizations like the Virginia Unity Project and the Peninsula Baptist Association. In addition to serving at FLC, I also have the honor of serving as an Associate Pastor at my mentor pastor’s church, The Chapel, a multi-campus church located in the northern suburbs of Chicago.

My wife Jen and I live in Yorktown, VA with four of our five children: Parker, Eli, Kaelin and Ty. Our oldest son and amazing daughter-in-law, Kyle and Jenny, live in Richmond.